Home Education and Training Support

All physical classes in Lawrence, MA have been cancelled until further notice due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation. Please visit our list of scheduled virtual classes on https://vnt.nxstage.com. Thank you!

The NxStage® education and training support team share a passionate commitment to helping customers and patients use NxStage products with the utmost confidence and success.

To register for any of the classes listed below, click on the “register” button for the program you want to attend.

Program Target Audience Program Objective
Beginner New HHD Training Nurses with minimal experience using NSO, with at least 3 months of hemodialysis experience and, the desire to start or continue an HHD Program. This 2.5 day course provides attendees the basic knowledge and hands-on practice needed to utilize the NxStage® System One (NSO).
Camp Cannulation Home Hemodialysis Staff interested in the principles and methods of successful cannulation training for HHD patients and care partners that will be cannulating the internal vascular access. This 1.5 day course provides dialysis access cannulation training, methods of cannulation training techniques and hands-on practice for fistula and graft accesses.
Refresher Home Training Nurses who want a review of the NxStage® System One (NSO) equipment, HHD therapy, and NxSTEPS training resources.
Nurses or Home program managers that are familiar with more frequent home hemodialysis and who have at least 1 HHD patient in a Home Program using the NSO.
This 2 day course gives attendees the ability to train a patient and/or care partner on the NSO by reviewing home hemodialysis therapy, dosing, equipment and redeployment procedures along with hands-on practice using the NSO.

NxStage also offers the following support programs:

  • On-Site Education
  • Customized Group Education
  • Continued Support
  • HHD Patient Training Resources

If you would like to learn more about any of these programs, contact your NxStage Area Manager or Clinical Educator.

Upcoming Schedule

Beginner (2 ½ Days)
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Camp Cannulation (1 ½ Days)
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Refresher (2 Days)
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